About doggie day care

Why put your dog in day care?

Doggie Day Care is for all dogs, male and female, who don’t want to wait for their masters all by themselves every day, or who want to enjoy a proper doggie holiday while their masters are travelling.

Doggie Day Care is not only for entertainment, but can also help dogs learn to interact with others and become accustomed to a change of environment. The older the dog, the more dependent it is on its master and living space. And yet there can always come a time when a dog needs to be watched away from the home environment, and sometimes it can take to this situation badly. A dog who is not threatened by a foreign environment, however, can enjoy lots of fun and handle their days away from home easily.

At Doggie Day Care dogs have the following available to them: fresh water always, food granules and treats at the owner’s request, toys, dog beds, couches, bathtubs for puppies and “human” friends. NO KENNELS!

At Doggie Day Care we accept dogs who:

  1. are vaccinated and dewormed
  2. are in good health
  3. are older than 60 days (for puppies)
  4. are obedient and non-aggressive
  5. are not females in heat

A typical day at Doggie Day Care:

In the morning the entire doggie pack gets together (dogs are brought either by the owners themselves or via our “school bus” upon arrangement) to enjoy a bunch of toys and lots of fun. Dogs play not only together but also with their “human” friends. If the band of dogs is an obedient one, they go on outings into nature, where the dogs get their fill of horseplay. Once they come back from a full day of exercise, warm couches and doggie beds are ready and waiting for them to get some rest and regain their strength for more monkey business. And in the evening they can look forward to being reunited with their masters.

Want to come by for a visit, just to introduce your dog to other doggie pals? You’re welcome at any time!

Where to find Doggie Day Care:

The day care can be found in the quiet area of Prague 4 – Písnice , in a residential home with a yard at K Vrtilce 58. Near the veterinary hospital.



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