Animals on their own in the wild seek out herbs useful to them. For example, wild dog and cat species have the herbs in their territory mapped out and return to these places to rub their coats against them, etc., according to their needs. You might have noticed such a tendency in your own dog. Aromatherapy helps domestic animals return to natural sources of health and psychological comfort. Animal aromatherapy underwent rapid development in the 20th century, where advancements in this field closely followed those in the field of aromatherapy for humans. Today animal aromatherapy is a standard feature for dog owners and breeders primarily in the USA and Canada, but is also justifiably gaining interest among animal lovers in Europe as well.

In our day care we work with preparations from Dokonalá láska. Dokonalá láska is a brand of natural aromatherapy preparations developed in cooperation with veterinarians, aromatologists and specialists in animal psychology. Dokonalá láska joins experience from the development of aromatherapy with the needs of dog owners and breeders. Aromatherapy has never been so comfortable and pleasant for you and your dog!


We provide:

–          One-time aromatherapy – for relaxation and enjoyment

–          Intensive aromatherapy – support of veterinary treatment


We offer aromatherapy:

–          For restlessness, anxiety, and fear of solitude

–          For nausea and motion sickness

–          For fleas, ticks, and other insects

–          For hyperactivity and irritability

–          For restoration of energy and optimism

–          For allergies and itching of the skin

–          For arthritis and joint pain

–          For refreshing or romantic fragrances

–          For comfort of older dogs


Aromatherapy is always provided following consultation with the dog owner. Upon request a mixture can be prepared corresponding to the exact needs of the dog.

Aromatherapy is not appropriate for dogs with heart and liver conditions!


Aromatherapy must be reserved by phone at: 605 546 674

Dokonalá láska preparations contain only natural ingredients which have not been genetically modified (GMO free). We derive 100% of the essential oils from certified high-quality providers such as Eoné, Nobilis Tilia, or Aromarta.


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