The best care for your dog.
From dawn to dusk.


Nice people, dog friends
and lots of fun!

No dog wants to be alone at home and wait silently for you to return from work. We have fun, lots of toys, free movement, soft beds, and especially a bunch of other dogs. All this under the supervision of our human team.

7 am – 7 pm
Monday to Sunday
20 m2
heated playroom
on permanent passes
360 m2
outdoor run for playing

Why put your dog to the day care?

Socialization is important for every dog. The sooner you start with it, the better for you and your dog. This will help him or her grow into a balanced and calm dog.

We offer all-day dog sitting in our day care. We give them the best care and allow them to have fun and meet other dogs. We include them in a group so that they get on well with other dogs. And if your dog prefers to be alone, we will walk him or her separately. We always guarantee safety for your dog friend.

Dogs can go to the day care if:

  • they are vaccinated and dewormed
  • they are in good health
  • they are not aggressive and can stand other dogs
  • they are older than 60 days (puppies)
  • they are not in heat (bitches)

Dogs will have the following in the day care:

  • fresh water all the time
  • food and treats (at owner’s request)
  • toys and beds
  • quiet place to rest
  • all-day supervision

How does the dog day care work?

Dogs have 2 rooms inside the house at their disposal where they play and rest. When the weather is nice, they can spend time in the garden or the front run. There is a swimming pool for dogs in summer. 

We never let dogs get soaked, overheat in the sun or freeze. We take care of their safety both inside and outside all day so they could enjoy the day fully.

In the morning, the dogs meet between 7 am and 9 am, the midday rest is between 11 am and 1 pm, and the dog owners gradually pick them up after 5 pm. We try to spend as much time with the dogs outside as possible because they are most comfortable there.



1 day of day care
500 CZK  



Bringing your dog before 7 am ….. + 100 CZK
Bringing your dog after 9 am ….. + 100 CZK
Picking up your dog between 7 pm and 8 pm ….. + 200 CZK
Picking up your dog by midnight ….. + 500 CZK



School bus and taxi for dogs

If you are not able to take your dog to the day care in the morning or bring him or her home or to the hotel in the evening, you can order our dog bus. We will take your dog to the airport or wherever you need to.

Please always arrange the transport of the dog in advance and the price will be calculated according to the distance from where we will transport the dog.


If you can’t find an answer here, don’t hesitate to ask us

When should I bring my dog to the day care?

Dogs are always admitted from 7 am to 9 am and then the day care programme starts.

How does a typical day in the dog day care look like?

In the morning, the dogs are gradually gathered and walked, then they have programmes in their runs. We go outside regularly depending on the weather. Our aim is to be with the dogs outside as much as possible, where we spend time with them actively. There is a midday rest at lunchtime and we are out again in the afternoon. In the afternoon and towards evening, the owners of the dogs pick them up and they go home.

Does my dog have to go to the day care regularly?

No, it is not necessary. Your dog can visit us as you need. It may be every day, but also even once a month. However, we offer keenly priced permanent passes for regular visitors to the day care.

I have purchased a permanent pass, but my dog cannot (for example due to illness or heat, etc.) come. What now?

Permanent passes are valid for 2 months from the first stay of the dog at the day care. If your dog cannot come, don’t worry, we will be happy to extend the validity of the pass. Please, just let us know in time. We will reach an agreement, don’t worry.

Should I feed my dog in the morning before going to the day care?

No, let the dog eat a small portion the night before. Don’t feed him or her in the morning. Your dog will play and frolic with other dogs, and this can cause vomiting or frequent bowel movement. Also don’t bring snacks for dogs to the day care. Snacks are okay but only for puppies.

Does my dog have to be vaccinated and dewormed?

Yes. Vaccination is mandatory here because it protects all other dogs, and even yours after all. We require vaccination against infectious diseases, rabies and we recommend vaccination against kennel cough. Your dog should be dewormed and treated against fleas and ticks before going to the dog day care.

What are Special Fees and why are they charged?

Dogs don’t like any violent interruption of the programme, as it disturbs their well-being. And that, unfortunately, always happens in some way by an arrival of a straggler. We have to postpone the midday rest, interrupt outdoor activities or shift the feeding time. We want to guarantee all your dogs the friendliest environment and peace. Therefore, it is important to follow the arrivals and departures of dogs according to the schedule.

Can I come for a visit?

Unfortunately, this is not possible as visits disturb the daily programme of the dogs. If you are interested in the sitting of your dog friend, contact us and we can arrange a trial day, If you are interested in the sitting of your dog friend, contact us and we can arrange a trial day so that your dog can try if he or she can manage to stay in a group or whether it will be better for him or her to be in a separate room.


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