7. May

Everything you wanted to know about the dog day care and hotel and were afraid to ask

Imagine that there is a dog day care and hotel, where your dog will feel so great that he or she will be looking forward to the next visit.

Because we know that you love your dog and want the best for him or her, we have prepared a summary of some of the information we normally pass on to new users of our service. Now we provide them freely available, and maybe they will help you make sure we are the right ones for your dog.

Milujeme pejsky a proto jsme založili naši psí školku a hotel pro psy.
Everyone who works in our dog day care and hotel are dog lovers just like you. We will be on the same wavelength – your dog is as important to us as ours is.

When you put your dog friend in our day care or hotel, you will get this phone number: 737 398 723. You can call it anytime if you want to know how your dog is doing. If you want to see your dog online, we can arrange a Skype call. We also put photos from the current day on our Facebook and Instagram.

Dog feeding

Throughout the day, fresh water is always available for the dogs. We will feed your dog exactly according to your requirements – if you provide him or her with your food, it will of course be given to them, otherwise we have our quality feed. If your dog is allergic to something, we’ll keep him or her from reaching any other feed or treats.

Dogs are always fed separately.

Sometimes it may happen that during a long-term stay, dogs lose weight. This happens even though they are fed regularly and get the same portions as they do at home. There is no need to worry – it is due to dog’s increased physical activity.

Some dogs have a hard time missing their owner. Although we try to replace you and play with dogs and pet them, some dogs are so sad from the separation that they don’t want to eat. Sometimes, despite our best efforts, we cannot affect this.

Dog behaviour

When possible, we try to keep the dogs together. Both during the day and at night. It corresponds to their pack behaviour and we have found out that they are happy by being so.

Sometimes it may happen that your dog begins changing his or her behaviour towards other dogs during the stay. We never leave any dog in the group forcibly, it would not do any good.

We will provide such dog with a regime that suits him or her best. But that doesn’t mean he or she will be locked up somewhere. The dog will go out regularly with other dog friends. We make sure your dog is always safe and we minimize the risk of the dogs having a fight.

We always respect the nature of each dog. We adapt our care and daily programme to it. The goal is to make every dog happy with us. We know it. We also have dogs.

When dogs play with vigour

If you have ever seen dogs playing, you know that despite maximum effort, sometimes you can’t stop:

If something like this happens, we will treat your dog and disinfect the wound. Of course, our effort is to prevent similar incidents, but sometimes it happens. You know dogs.

Unexpected injury or illness

It doesn’t usually happen. But we must be ready for everything. You will be informed immediately if an unexpected event such as illness or injury occurs.

If we do not reach you, we will take your dog to the nearest veterinary hospital, where they will take care of the dog professionally. You will then receive a veterinary report and document.

Monitored all day long

Our whole area, both the dog day care and the dog hotel, is under the CCTV surveillance 24 hours a day. Our staff can access this information via their mobile phone. We pass on all the information about our guests within the team during the day and give each other information on how each dog is doing.

Dirty dog, happy dog

This is true, but nobody wants a slob at home. Nevertheless, it is necessary to keep in mind that especially light-coloured dogs become more or less dirty during the hotel or day care stay when the weather is worse.

If you want to pick up a clean and nice-smelling dog, we will be happy to bathe him or her before the pick-up. And maybe we can trim him or her too. If you want.

Is everything okay?

If you pick up a dog from us and something seems odd, please tell us. On the other hand, if everything is fine and the dog is okay, healthy and cheerful, let us also know – we need to be sure that you have taken the dog in the best condition.

When you bring your dog home…

… you may feel he or she is tired or that he or she may go to bed immediately. Don’t worry. It’s normal. The dog is full of new impressions and tired after the whole day or the stay, during which he or she played and romped with friends.

Dogs have a certain regime with us and no dog is overburdened. Yet, and us humans know it too, there is nothing like a proper home rest.


Your dog is already looking forward to us