The only hotel your dog
will truly love.


Five-star accommodation,
full board and activities!

We realize that your dog is used to luxury and the best care. We provide all this in our hotel. The only thing your dog will miss is you. But he or she will not even have time to think about you for all the fun.

supervision and care
and family environment
living room
& rooms without cages
360 m2
outdoor run for playing

Hotel pro pejsky - ikona

Why choose our hotel?

We were the first hotel where dogs slept in the interior of a house: either in separate rooms or in a common dog living room. We have rooms in the hotel section of the house for larger dogs. All rooms are heated in winter. You won’t find outdoor kennels here.

We will look after your dog as if he or she was our own. All day long, from dawn to dusk. We will provide your dog with a regular diet he or she is used to, fresh water, a programme full of games and cuddling. The house is furnished only for dogs and thanks to staff changing, care is provided even at night.

What to bring for your dog:

  • vaccination certificate
  • collar
  • feed and treats
  • drugs and schedule (if the dog takes them)
  • bed, blankets, bowl, toys (optional)

At the hotel, the dog will have:

  • food and fresh water all the time
  • own room or shared bedroom, according to your wishes
  • toys and daily programme full of games
  • individual care and love
  • all-day supervision

How does our hotel work?

Our main goal is for the dog to have good time with us and to be happy to come back. We subordinate everything to that. The dogs always have a run and fresh water available. Feeding always takes place separately. It is also possible to order private walks if the stay in the garden is not enough for your dog.

If your dog takes medication or needs further care, we will take care of everything. On request, we will bathe and trim your dog in our parlour at the end of the stay.

If your dog hasn’t visited us yet, we recommend trying at least one trial day. It’s better for your peace of mind and for the comfort of your dog friend.


To make sure your dog is ok during the stay, we’ll send you info and photos whenever you write for it or arrange live Skype video chat. We will do our best for you and your dog.

Take a peek inside!

Every dog has a room to sleep and rest and to keep them safe. Dogs are also regularly walked and they can enjoy themselves in a shared run.


1 day in the hotel
from 800 CZK  


Check in  7 am to 10 am / Check out 5 pm to 7 pm (times when you can bring your dog or pick him or her up, it is not possible at other times for operational reasons).

DAY + NIGHT at the hotel includes nonstop care, private room or common room with other dogs in our house. A bowl of fresh water several times a day, feeding according to your requirements, air-conditioned rooms in summer, heated floors and rooms in winter. The entire hotel is constantly monitored by cameras. We clean and disinfect all hotel and day care rooms regularly, including UV lights used by veterinary treatment rooms and the best foreign dog hotels. Dog info whenever you write for it, update of Instagram photos and live video on demand.

Last day at the hotel Check-out by 10 am (we charge another day after 10 am, does not include the night, i.e. + 500 CZK)



Medication – administration of drugs during the stay according to the provided schedule …. + 100 CZK / day
Walk during the stay, once a day, 30 minutes …. + 100 CZK (clients for whom the all-day run is not sufficient)
Daily dog sitting Saturday + Sunday (7 am – 7 pm) …. 500 CZK


Hotel dog taxi

If you are not able to take your dog to the hotel in the morning or bring him or her home after your return, you can order our dog taxi. We will take your dog to the airport or wherever you need to.

Please always arrange the transport of the dog in advance and the price will be calculated according to the distance from where we will transport the dog.


If you can’t find an answer here, don’t hesitate to ask us

When should I bring my dog to the hotel and how much time will the check-in take?

Check-in is from 7 am to 10 am. Please reserve at least 10 minutes for us to have time to fill in a dog sitting contract and to give us a detailed description of your dog’s qualities and habits.

Where will my dog sleep?

Dogs sleep where they feel good, we don’t disturb them. They choose the best place instinctively. Some dogs prefer sleeping in a separate room, others prefer to nestle together. Each dog (pairs or trios) of one owner has their own room for themselves at night. If your dog would rather spend time in a common room with other dogs, it’s not a problem – we change this room into a bedroom in the evening and it is full of dog beds.

My dog doesn’t like other dogs or doesn’t get along with others. Will you still provide accommodation?

Yes. Such a dog will be accommodated in another area in a separate room and will be walked alone to avoid contact with other dogs. Even in this case, regular care and contact with our staff is a matter of course.

Does my dog have to be vaccinated in order to be accommodated at the hotel, and against what?

Your dog must have a valid vaccination against infectious diseases, rabies and we recommend kennel cough vaccination. Don’t forget about proper deworming and treatment against fleas and ticks.

Is anyone with the dogs at night?

Yes, there is. The dogs are watched 24 hours a day and staff are present all night to look after the dogs and watch their safety and well-being.

How far in advance do I need to book the hotel?

We have most guests during school and public holidays, so it is advisable to book the hotel for the dog as soon as possible. During the ordinary year, it is usually enough to book a week in advance. However, if you need irregular sitting, we always try to be as forthcoming as possible.


Your dog is already looking forward to us